Top 10 Tourist Spots in Southern Leyte

5. San Pedro and San Pablo Islands

San Pedro Island

San Pedro Island by Jerry Ruiz

San Pablo Island

San Pablo Island by Mikko

Named after the patron saints Southern Leyte, San Pedro and San Pablo Islands are the two most beautiful island in the province. The islands became famous tourist spots in Southern Leyte for its beautiful pebble/coral beaches, clean and clear waters and relaxing environment. San Pedro Island, also called as Pong Dako of which in local dialect means “big“, is bigger than San Pablo Island, also called as Pong Gamay which means small. The white coral beaches here are ideal for swimming, surfing, skiing, diving and water sport activities.

 San Pedro and San Pablo Islands are both located in Hinunangan, Southern Leyte.

6. Sun-ok Fish Sanctuary

Sun-ok Fish Sanctuary Southern Leyte

Sun-ok Fish Sanctuary by Philip McGuire

Sun-ok Fish Sanctuary is one of the well-maintained and interesting fish haven in Southern Leyte. One of the best diving destinations in the province where variety of coral formations can be found from soft to hard corals along the cracks and crevices where schools of different kinds of fish can be found. Whale sharks can also be sighted especially during the months of November until May. Fishing and collection of shells are strictly prohibited. Since the fish sanctuary is just near a rocky hill, visitors tend to do rock climbing before leaving the place.

 Sun-ok Fish Sanctuary is located in Pintuyan, Southern Leyte.


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