Top 10 Tourist Spots in Southern Leyte

3. Limasawa Island

Limasawa Island Southern Leyte

Limasawa Island by mjdigitalphotography on Flickr

Limasawa Island is one of the famous tourist spots in Southern Leyte where the first Catholic Mass in the Philippines took place on Easter Sunday of March 31, 1521. Limasawa is the smallest municipality in the province of Southern Leyte, both population and land area. The island is just approximately 10 kilometers long from north to south and there are only 6,000+ people living here but it is a lively and friendly community. Places to visit here includes the National Shrine of the First Catholic Mass in the Philippines, First Cross Monument, beaches, fish sanctuaries, dive sites and caves.

4. Panaon Island

Panaon Island

Panaon Island by Sheryl Felias on Instagram

Panaon Island is a small island connected to the mainland of Southern Leyte via Wa-wa Bridge. The island is famous as one of the best diving and snorkeling destination in the province which is a part of Mindanao Deep or Philippine Trench where one can find beautiful variety of corals and marine lifeforms. The island is commonly visited by dolphins and also known for its whale sharks that spends several months off the coasts of Panaon Island upon their migration route every year. Whale sharks can commonly be sighted every single day, boat guides can even position the boat near the sites where whale sharks can be found so interested one’s can swim with them. There is also a fish sanctuary nearby where manta rays, pods of dolphins, seahorses and turtles can be found.


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