Top 10 Tourist Spots in Leyte (Northern Leyte)

5. Apid Island

Apid Island Leyte

Apid Island by Dianne Alfaro

Apid Island is also one famous tourist spots in Leyte and one of the beautiful islands that comprises the Cuatro Islas, the second largest among the group. It has a small village and most of the people make a living through catching fishes and harvesting seafood. It also has a considerable stretch of white sand beach and clear seawater good for swimming. Apid Island offers a beautiful view of the Camotes Sea with some growing mangroves along the shore.

 Apid Island is located in Cuatro Islas, Inopacan, Leyte.

6. Himokilan Island

Himokilan Island

Himokilan Island by J.P. Leo Castillo on Flickr

Himokilan Island is the largest island of the group. It also has white sand beaches and inviting clear waters. The island is covered with trees and rock formations and a small village can be found near the beach. Thick concentration of corals can be observed on your way to the island. Swimming, snorkeling, diving even fishing are not allowed on some part of the island since it is considered as a marine sanctuary. Most visitors who are running out of time on their day-trip tend to just circle around the island and witness its natural beauty rather than docking on the beach.

 Himokilan Island is located in Cuatro Islas, Hindang, Leyte.

If you are planning to visit Cuatro Islas (Digyo, Mahaba, Apid and Himokilan Islands), contact the tourism office of Inopacan, Leyte to book your tour.


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