Top 10 Tourist Spots in Oriental Mindoro

9. Alibatan Island

Alibatan Island Oriental Mindoro

Alibatan Island by

Alibatan Island is one of the most popular tourist spots in Oriental Mindoro. This is about 4 hectares island famous for its pure white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. At the center of the island, one can find a lake that serves as the breeding grounds for seagulls and turtles. There are also plenty of corals and oysters in the beach. One can enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the beach and explore some part of the island. If you are into a island hopping tour, make sure to include this is the list.

 Alibatan Island is located in Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro. Quick Trivia: Alibatan Island is also called as Target Island because bombing practices were done here by the Americans during 1940’s.

10. Buyayao Island

Buyayao Island

Buyayao Island by

Buyayao Island is the largest and the most beautiful island in Oriental Mindoro. It is has a long stretch of white sand beach and pristine waters. It is a rocky island with tropical jungle, abundant in wildlife and marine lifeforms. This is also a perfect spot for swimming and snorkeling though the waters could go very deep. Just stay near the shore. Eating picnic lunch with friends is a good thing to do here. When you are into island hopping tour in Bulalacao, don’t forget to drop in Buyayao Island and dip into the crystal clear waters.

 Buyayao Island is located in Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro.

That was the Top 10 Tourist Spots in Oriental Mindoro. If you those destinations, please SHARE.


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