Top 10 Tourist Spots in Oriental Mindoro

7. Tukuran Falls

Tukuran Falls Oriental Mindoro

Tukuran Falls

One of the most visited tourist spots in Oriental Mindoro is the Tukuran Falls or the Tukuran Hidden Paradise. It is just a small waterfall but the surroundings is astonishing and very refreshing. Most vacationers climb the high rocks for cliff jumping and some prefer just to swim and go into the cascading waters to have some waterfall massage. Ask assistance from the locals to guide you to high rocks to have a better view of the area and take some pictures. You can bring your own food for picnic and much better if you can also bring meat and coal for barbecue. One can find picnic tables and shelters near the falls just make sure you are early enough to have one since there are many tourists visit Tukuran Falls.

  Tukuran Falls is located in the middle of the jungle in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro hence the name Hidden Paradise. Contact the Tourism Office of Puerto Galera to arrange your visit.

8. Mount Halcon

Mount Halcon

Mount Halcon by Markie Aungon

Mount Halcon is one of the most storied hiking destination in the Philippines located in Oriental Mindoro. It is 8, 484 feet above sea level making it the 18th highest mountain peak in the country. If you are a serious mountaineer, then climbing the so-called “most difficult mountain to climb in the Philippines” would be a challenge for you. Along the trail, one can find thick vegetation of flora and fauna and many cold, clean and clear river streams. Mount Halcon is open from 1st of February to 31st of May every year.

 Mount Halcon is located in Baco, Oriental Mindoro. Contact the Tourism Office in Baco to help you arrange your climb in the mountain.


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