Top 10 Tourist Spots in Occidental Mindoro

7. Mount Iglit-Baco National Park

Mount Iglit-Baco National Park

Mount Iglit-Baco National Park by Phuxx

One of the most visited tourist spots in Occidental Mindoro is the Mount Iglit-Baco National Park. It is a protected area surrounding the Mount Iglit and Mount Baco located in the central interior of Mindoro. The park is the habitat of the endemic Tamaraw in the Philippines, it is currently one of the most seriously endangered animals in the world and for that very reason, this park was established. If you are a mountain climber then this is a perfect destination for you. Two days and one night tour would be enough. One would see the Tamaraw Buffalos eating, stunning sunrise and sunset in the mountains.

 Mount Iglit-Baco National Park is located in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro. Contact first the Tourism Office of Sablayan to assign a tour guide for you and arrange your visit.

8. Grace Island Resort

Grace Island Resort Occidental Mindoro

Grace Island Resort might be the best island resort in Occidental Mindoro. It has clean sand beach and clear waters but what attracts the most are its floating cottages. This is a very private paradise perfect for family or couples. In your floating cottage’s balcony, you can just jump into the water and enjoy swimming then back to your cottage. They also have mini banana boat, zipline, and jetski. One can also visit their bird and marine sanctuary. Explore more of the island and you will surely want to stay longer. Their staffs are known to be very accommodating so one can easily approach them. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

 Grace Island Resort is located in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro.


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