Bicol’s Secret: 10 Paradise Islands and Unspoiled Beaches in Caramoan Islands

9. Tayak Beach

Tayak Beach

Tayak Beach

Tayak Beach Caramoan

Tayak Beach by Harly Limlingan Marcuap

Tayak Beach is a very inviting pure white sand beach located in between two huge limestone cliffs providing a great spot for swimming. One can even swim under some of the suspended sides of limestone formations. Behind the beach is the Tayak Lake with lush of green vegetation, a perfect place to pause for a moment, relax and meditate. Tayak Beach and Tayak Lagoon are located in Malarad Island.

10. Manlawi Sandbar

Manlawi Sandbar Caramoan Bicol

Manlawi Sandbar by francis.cooo

Manlawi Sandbar

Manlawi Sandbar by Harly Limlingan Marcuap

Of all the islands and beaches you will have to visit in Caramoan Islands, include Manlawi Island in your top destination. It is where one can find the extraordinary Manlawi Sandbar. During low tide, seems like all the waters are pulled off the shore creating a very vast expanse of powdery white sand that extends through the horizon. So you can run on the sand or play Frisbee since it would turn out like an Olympic-sized sandbar. And as the high tide approaches, the super wide sandbar will be covered with shallow waters painted with blue and green colors.

Those are the 10 Paradise Islands and Unspoiled Beaches in Caramoan Islands. If you like those destinations, please SHARE.


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