Bicol’s Secret: 10 Paradise Islands and Unspoiled Beaches in Caramoan Islands

7. Minalahos Island

Minalahos Island

Minalahos Island by Starfish Travel

Minalahos Island Caramoan

Minalahos Island by Starfish Travel

Minalahos Island is a perfect swimming destination in Caramoan like the other beaches it also have very fine sugar-like white sand beach and clean sea water. It has tall limestone cliffs unlike the others. Some of the challenges in the famous TV Show “The Survivor” were taken here.

8. Gota Island

Gota Island Caramoan

Gota Island

Gota Island is one of the island paradise in Caramaon where it has two coves with white sand beach with clear and cold waters perfect for swimming. The coves are open for public most of the time but it is closed sometimes. It is because there is a resort called Gota Village Resort in the island where sometimes the crew from the reality TV Show “Survivor” occupies the entire are for their scenes. It is a recommended resort for those who don’t mind staying in a luxury resort.


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