Bicol’s Secret: 10 Paradise Islands and Unspoiled Beaches in Caramoan Islands

5. Cotivas Island

Cotivas Island

Cotivas Island

Cotivas Island Caramoan

Cotivas Island Harly Limlingan Marcuap

Cotivas Island is one of the paradise islands in Caramaon. It is composed of a long stretch fine sand beach and wide shallow waters. What makes it popular is that during low tide, one can find sandbars. During this time, one can walk into the shallow waters and go to the sandbars while enjoying the stunning view. The perfect swimming area is on the tip of the island.

6. Hunongan Island

Hunongan Cove

Hunongan Cove

Hunongan Cove Caramoan

Hunongan Cove

Hunongan Island is an island covered with tropical forest and has a beautiful cove called Hunongan Cove. The beach is mantled with white sand and clear waters. Facing the Pacific Ocean, the waves in this cove are big but very consistent. The view of the big rock formations on both ends are amazing. This is a perfect destination for couples and stay at night in Hunongan Cove Resort.


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