Bicol’s Secret: 10 Paradise Islands and Unspoiled Beaches in Caramoan Islands

3. Pitogo Island

Pitogo Island Caramoan

Pitogo Island

Pitogo Island

Pitogo Island by Harly Limlingan Marcuap

Pitogo Island is known to have very calm waters and unique pebble-beach. While other islands and beaches in Caramoan have powdery white sand, in Pitogo Island, they are replaced by nature with very smooth small stones or pebbles. This is where most visitors in an island hopping tour relax, swim into the still waters and have their lunch.

4. Lahos Island

Lahos Island

Lahos Island

Lahos Island Caramoan

Lahos Island by Bryan Flores

The most interesting feature of Lahos Island is the white sand between two big limestone formations. So one can pass through the other side of the island easily, thus the meaning of “Lahos” to pass though. This island is just near Matukad Island, see the first on the list.


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