Top 10 Tourist Spots in Surigao del Norte

5. Tojoman Lagoon

Tojoman Lagoon

Tojoman Lagoon is another extraordinary tourist spot in Surigao del Norte. Have you seen a jellyfish before? If not you can visit Tojoman Lagoon because this is a home of thousands of stingless jellyfish. The species of jellyfish on this lagoon is called Spotted Jelly. One can find hundreds or thousands of orange, yellow and brown jellyfish as your boat roams around the lagoon. You can even swim with these bizarre harmless creatures.

Tojoman Lagoon is located in Bucas Grande group of islands specifically in Socorro, Surigao del Norte. Recommended accommodation near Tojoman Lagoon: Club Tara Resort

6. Lake Mainit

Lake Mainit


Lake Mainit is one of the most visited natural tourist spots in Surigao del Norte, a sight to behold. It is the fourth largest lake and the deepest lake in the Philippines. People visit here to witness the stunning beauty of the lake especially in sunrise or sunset but most people do more like family picnic, fishing and boating. It is called Mainit (hot) Lake because the water is warm not just because of the heat of the sun but it has two sources of hot springs.

Lake Mainit falls within the jurisdiction of the municipalities of Mainit, Alegria, Kitcharao and Jabonga, Surigao del Norte.


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