Top 10 Tourist Spots in Surigao del Sur

5. Lanuza Surfing Grounds

Lanuza Surfing Grouds


Lanuza is one of the known tourist spots in Surigao del Sur when we talk about surfing.  The waves in the shoreline of Lanuza can be compared to that of Could-9. The world-class waves caught the attention of foreign and local surfers. The best time to visit Lanuza is in the months of November to March where the big waves are in constant motion. It has various surfing areas from Reef Breaks (waves breaking on a coral reef or rock seabed) to Beach Breaks (waves breaking on a sand bottom beach).

Lanuza Surfing Grounds are located at Doot Poktoy, Zone I, Lanuza and also in Punta and Sitio Badiang, Lanuza, Surigao del Sur.

6. Lanuza Marine Park and Sanctuary

Lanuza Marine Park and Sanctuary


Lanuza Marine Park and Sanctuary is 111-hectare Marine Protected Areas which is a habitat of different aquatic species including the famous pawikan. This is where the famous Sanctuary Café is located where you can relax and sip hot and cold concoctions  and native products.

Lanuza Marine Park and Sanctuary is located at Sitio Cagmino, Sibahay, Lanuza, Surigao del Sur.


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