Top 10 Most Beautiful Sandbars in the Philippines

7. Virgin Island, Bohol

Virgin Island Bohol


Virgin Island is a very long stretch of fine white sandbar. It is being dubbed as the hidden oasis of Bohol. There are no people living in the island, what one can see there are the white sand beach, clear waters and trees. During low tide, the sandbar stretches more than a hectare. During high tide, the sandbar disappears but it just shallow so you can still walk or dip into the water. Since it’s just shallow, it makes motorized outrigger boats unable to dock just anywhere in the island. There is just a single docking station in the island.

Virgin Island is just 20 minutes away from Panglao Island, Bohol.

8. Bulubadiangan Island, Iloilo

Bulubadiangan Island Sandbar Iloilo


Bulubadiangan Island Sandbar is a picturesque sandbar in the Philippines located in Iloilo. It is a popular destination in the province with a fine sandbar that almost stretches up to the next island. The fine sand, clear waters and the wide-angle view is surely amazing. The view of Mount Panaphag in the afternoon is surely spectacular.  For accommodations, there is a private resort in the island with basic amenities.

Bulubadiangan Island is situated in Concepcion, Iloilo. Contact the local tourism office if you are planning to visit the island.


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