Top 10 Pinoy Games Batang 90’s Will Never Ever Forget

Children of this new generation used to play with their iphones, laptops, computers having fun with online games. If you belong to the “batang90’s” I know you can see the big difference about how awesome is our generation before.

Technology is good. Actually really good. But at some point, most of us might overused it especially the kids. Most kids just watch online videos and games instead of having fun with their friends.

So, here’s our world before. Before internet and social media was born. May this bring back your memories and tell the kids of today to get out of the room and get sweat out there and try some of this games.

Top 10 Pinoy Games Batang 90’s Will Never Forget


1. Luksong Tinik

Luksong Tinik

Luksong Tinik | Facebook

This was the most popular game in our generation before. Most kids play this after elementary classes. So here’s how to play this. 2 kids should serve as tinik (thorns) by sitting while putting their foot above the other, at the same time raising their hands just like in the picture. It will gradually be raised up if the team succeed to jump higher than the tinik. Other team’s turn if it fails.

2. Tumba Lata

Tumbang Preso

Tumbang Preso | Facebook

Another popular game in the 90’s, Tumba Lata. This is our best option especially during Saturday afternoon when neighboring kids gather in one place. This is so much fun actually if there are many players, “the more the merrier.”

This game is played by hitting the a tin can (lata) using a slipper (pamato). A “taya” guards the tin can. If the opponent did not hit the “lata” using his “pamato”, the opponent should stay near his “pamato” and wait for its teammates’ turn. If his teammates hit the tin can, everybody who haven’t hit it should pick up their slippers and run like chased by the dog across the line since the guard (after picking up the “lata” and putting it to original position) will chase after them. If the other player get caught, then he will become the new guard.


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