5 Places Most Filipinos Go With Their Broken Hearts

Everybody loves the idea or the feeling of being in love, do you think so? Most teenagers nowadays always say “Nothing is Forever!” even posted that in their social media profiles (facebook, twitter, etc.) and send group messages to their friends. Even though in reality, its funny that some of those who says this a lot don’t even have a boyfriend or girlfriend yet.

Being in love is a feeling where you are at your highest emotional state and everybody longs for it. But it could also be the same reason of being the most miserable broken “you”.

Most of us, I am not an exception, came to the point where our hearts met its innermost downfall. A moment in time where we wish time would stop. Where we wish we can resume everything. It’s a feeling too difficult to explain in pure words. I can still remember the line in the movie entitled The Fault in Our Stars, “… because the pain demands to be felt.”

So the question is, where did you go during that time? Those times where your hearts were at its tiny pieces? I believe you can relate to at least one of these. Most Filipinos tend go to these places.

5 Places Most Filipinos Go With Their Broken Hearts

1. Bar


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The bar is the most popular destination for broken-hearted Filipinos. Some are asking why do people want to go to the bar and get drunk where when they woke up in the morning the situation will still be the same?

When you have been broken before, you can understand them. It’s not that they are looking for some remedies to mend their broken hearts, it’s looking for something to lessen the pain. The broken feelings that cannot be contained but by the glass of wine surrounded by friends that for some reason makes the pain bearable enough.

2. Internet Shop

Intenet Shop

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Sounds funny or irrational eh? Another place where broken hearts go is in the interent shop. Why internet shop?

If going to the bar mostly for girls, some boys are not like that. I bet you guys can relate to this one. Girl,  if you are thinking that when you broke up with your boyfriend, he cried a lot. He can’t sleep. He can’t eat. He can’t study. He can’t walk. He can’t smile. He can’t ………. think again.

Did you know that most broken-hearted boys in this generation go to the internet shop and play online games instead of weeping or having some sentimental moments? Dota, a very popular online game for boys, makes all the hate, anger, depression, hurt go away because of the entertainment they can experience playing with this game.


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