Top 10 Tourist Spots in Sagada

9. Kiltepan Tower

Kiltepan Tower Sagada

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Kitlepan Tower will make you gaze at the breath taking panoramic view of Sagada. Hiking will not be that tiresome since the weather is cold. There you can stare at the mountains and rice terraces of Sagada. The best part of it is during sunrise where you can feel the vibrating aura of nature. The golden sun clearing up the sky as the clouds fading away is a very interesting view. Aside from Mount Ampacao, this is also a great spot offering great views of Sagada.

10. Ganduyan Museum

Ganduyan Museum is a must-visited tourist spot in Sagada. Yes, there is a museum in Sagada! It’s not what you would expect from structure of the building. They say do not judge the book by its cover. The outside may not be that attractive but the inside you will be amazed by the artifacts, accessories, sculptures. The family that runs the museum has extensive knowledge of the history of Sagada, make sure also to ask and interact. Find out more of the History of Sagada in Ganduyan Museum.

If you are planning to visit Sagada, the environment is cold so prepare your jackets or anything that will make you warm.

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