Top 10 Tourist Spots in Sagada

3. Sumaguing and Lumiang Caves

Sumaguing Cave Sagada

Sumaguing Cave – flickr | Ayzi

Lumiang Cave Sagada

Lumiang Cave – flickr | itinerantlondoner

Sumaguin and Lumiang Caves are connected to each other. It is a magnificent cave system which is very deep with Underground River and pools inside. If you love spelunking, you can spend around 3 hours to explore the entire caves. There is a mushroom-like stone formation in the cave which is a perfect spot for taking pictures. The waters are also ice-cold inside fresh from spring. Be warned, this is an awesome cave connection that will surely make you want to come back.

4. Mount Ampacao

Mt. Ampacao Sunset, Sagada

flickr | Bong Bajo

Mount Ampacao is the labeled as the highest peak of Sagada. If you want to have an amazing view Sagada, this is a perfect spot trekked by many visitors. Trekking to Mount Ampacao could take 3 hours so make sure you have estimated well the time of arrival at the foot of the mountain before it gets dark. Although the view is best during sunset, better go there in the morning for safety so you can get back when there is still sunlight.


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