Top 10 Mountains in the Philippines

5. Mount Bulusan

Mount Bulusan

peter toshiro – flickr

Mount Bulusan is a stratovolcano located in the province of Sorsogon. In Bulusan Volcano Natural Park, you can have a view to the volcano and the Bulusan Lake. The lake is a perfect place for kayaking while enjoying the views.

6. Mount Matutum

Mount Matutum

allan baredo – flickr (embedded image)

Mount Matutum is a popular tourist destination in General Santos City. Clothed with vast forests, you can find many wild plants and animals in the foot of the mountain. This mountain also has a cone shape although not as perfect as Mount Mayon but it is something to be proud of and the trekkers love it too. Mountaineers have to plant trees in order to climb the mountain.

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