Top 10 Beaches in the Philippines

Beaches in the Philippines are mostly known internationally. Composed of thousands of islands, Philippines stands proud of it’s beauty when it comes to amazing beaches.

Beaches in the Philippines are popular for its white sand, pinkish sand, sandbar, long shoreline, powdery sand, clear waters, pure white sand islet without trees, almost all has it’s own identity to carry and proud of. The following are the Top 10 beaches in the Philippines.

Top 10 Beaches in the Philippines

1. Boracay

Boracay Beach - Top 10 Beaches in the Philippines

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Boracay Beach is very known around the world. Boasting its white sand beach and amazing experiences from day adventures to nightlife, Boracay has been a great beach in the Philippines gathering tourists around the world. Boracay is located in municipality of Malay in the province of Aklan, Philippines.

2. Subic Beach

Subic Beach - Top 10 Beaches in the Philippines

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Subic Beach is famous beach in the Philippines for it’s pinkish sand feature. Clear and clean waters can be observed which is good in swimming. The beach is divided into 2: Subic Liit(Small Subic) and Subic Lake(Big Subic). Subic Beach is located in Calintaan, Matnog, Sorsogon, Philippines.



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